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This is a coffee table with double MDF as the table and seamless steel pipe as the frame. It is suitable for school home office shopping mall layout and other scenes.

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This wooden MDF board industrial coffee table is inherently rustic and organic. The combination of classic materials and simple and stylish appearance makes this square table perfectly match any furniture style in the living room, as a basic home decoration, making your home/office space fashionable. The 2-layer shelf can store commonly used items such as magazines, books, blankets, etc.; The height of the shelf is adjustable, and the storage space can be customized according to your needs. It is very suitable for expanding your room in a small space, making all your items convenient and orderly. MDF particleboard and metal frame ensure the stability and durability of the sofa coffee table, which can be used for many years. Adjustable foot pads adapt to uneven ground to prevent scratching and sliding on the floor. Follow the instructions (not necessarily in Chinese) and use the provided tools to complete the assembly within 30 minutes! Melamine veneer, waterproof, high temperature, and dustproof, you only need a damp cloth to keep it clean.

Coffee Table Detail

Coffee Table Detail
Coffee Table Detail

Good Quality MDF:

The splint has uniform density and uniform force points, which is conducive to sharing the load-bearing weight, which also gives better load-bearing capacity.

The plywood is a kind of decorative board with a very exquisite appearance. A variety of veneers can be customized and glued into the panel. The surface is more exquisite and durable and is widely favored by the market.

Excellent physical properties of the splint

The use of high-pressure equipment for density board processing gives better physical properties, is not prone to dehydration, effectively inhibits the volatilization of glue, prevents the emission of methanol, and protects human health.

Smooth and flat, no decay, moth-eaten

The splint has a smooth and flat appearance, fine material, stable performance, simple shape, no decay, moth-eaten, and other phenomena, and it is quite good in bending and impact resistance.


Space-Saving Solution:

perfect for all spaces. The small square coffee table shape is suitable for any occasion. This coffee table can save space in small kitchens, apartments, and can also be used in restaurants, offices, meeting rooms, etc.! Use our contemporary square coffee table to enjoy a quick coffee time or meeting.


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