Professional School Furniture Manufacturer

We have TUV, ISO certificated, and 10 years manufacturing experience, ready to flexible OEM & ODM services with you.

We allow you to customize the product shape, color, packaging, and add electronic parts or combine them with other materials.

Professional School Furniture Manufacturer

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Eco-friendly and Safe Material

As a manufacturer, We understand that your custom furniture needs to have safe and environmentally friendly designs to display or advertise your project.

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Single School Set
double classroon set
Double School Set
writing chair
Writing Chair
bunk bed
Domitory Bed

What do WeSchool care about

Functionality Assured

Each piece of furniture is tested with our quality control management, making sure each works as expected.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Even the seem-easy handiwork are seriously considered. From removing stains on the frames and board, to assembling frames and boards, our workers are always in pursuit of perfection.

Accuracy Is Key

In the making of furniture, there is no one-size-fits-all. The WeSchool production team pays attention to the dimensions, angles and everything that might affect accuracy.


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Pre-Sales Service
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10 Years Experience
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On-Time Delivery
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After Sales Support
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2 Years Warranty

100% Customizable Furniture

We understand that your custom furniture need to have safe and environmentally friendly designs to display or advertise your project.

We flexible OEM & ODM services which allow you to customize the product shape, color, packaging and add electronic parts or combine with other materials.

Our Certification


What Our Clients Say

What I need to say is that the manufacturer is very patient and there are some troubles in the transaction process, but he helped me deal with it very well, very professional, which makes me feel relieved to do business with them.
Amy P.
Before buying these products, we compared several suppliers. The group we are facing is elementary school students, so we have some requirements in terms of quality, and this supplier has also done it. It’s just that the price is a bit expensive, and the shipping costs are added. Our clients are satisfied, that’s okay.
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June Z.
When it was delivered to our country, there were some problems in the logistics, but it was handled quickly and the problem was not big. We have bought their products several times and they are still trustworthy.
John J.
The packaging of the tables and chairs is not packed in cartons. It looks like a layer of fabric wrapped around it. It looks a little messy, and it is a bit heavy when moving. But after installation, I am satisfied.
Smith T.

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