MDF Office Computer Desk

This simple-designed office computer desk is made of MDF as the table board and seamless steel pipe as the frame. Equipped with Equipped with multiple drawers.It is suitable for home, school, office and other scenes.

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Product Detials:

The office computer desk perfectly combines MDF board and steel frame and has a modern and simple style. The laptop desk is composed of a solid MDF board and a steel frame. Equipped with multi-layer large-capacity drawers to perfectly hold your personal belongings and books, the desktop is designed with humanized thread holes, arrange the wires, and bid farewell to clutter. The desktop and steel frame has a special protective layer design to prevent impact and waterproof. The smooth tabletop can protect your skin. When cleaning, only need to wash with water and air dry. Provide enough space for your study and work. The desk is suitable for home, office, school, and any office place.

Detail for Computer desk

Detail for Computer desk


Detail for Computer desk

Drawer Design:

The table is designed with two large-capacity drawers, enough to store a large number of items. The table has a special storage cabinet for storing items, which is very convenient and durable, and you can classify and store items, which is helpful to avoid clutter on the tabletop and give you more warmth and a more healthy environment.

Detail for Computer desk

Large Space Under The Table:

There is a lot of space under the table, allowing your feet to stretch freely and comfortably, creating a more comfortable learning and working environment.


Detail for Computer desk

Convenient Storage:

Reject clutter, store in one step, two drawers for storage, provide you with a quick way to say goodbye to clutter.


Detail for Computer desk

Sturdy Structure:

The computer desk is made of high-quality steel and particle board, which is absolutely sturdy, stable, and durable.




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