MDF Office Computer Desk

This simple-designed office computer desk is made of MDF as the table board and seamless steel pipe as the frame. Equipped with a multi-layer storage shelf. It is suitable for home, school, office and other scenes.

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Product Detials:

The office computer desk perfectly combines MDF board and steel frame and has a modern and simple style. The laptop desk is composed of a solid MDF board and a steel frame. Adjustable foot pads can adapt to various grounds to help you work smoothly. The desktop and steel frame has a special protective layer design to prevent impact and waterproof. Equipped with multi-layer open storage shelves, you can store personal belongings and books for easy storage and access. When cleaning, just scrub with water and air dry. Provide enough space for your study and work. The desk is suitable for home, office, school, and any office place.

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Environmental Protection Paint:

It is non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, and does not harm human health. It is functional, compound, and diversified. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is widely used in hotels, restaurants, residences, hospitals, warehouses, buildings, theaters, etc. The exterior walls of similar buildings.

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Sturdy Stable for Use:

Heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and triangular junction design ensure stability and durability, width leg is strong enough to support heavy duty for home office use.

Detail for Computer desk

Removable Foot  Pad:

The footpads can be updated and maintained regularly to ensure quiet enjoyment all year round.


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