Choosing the right desk and chair can improve students’ spine

After long time statistics found that now the primary and secondary schools, students hump phenomenon more and more, before the number of occurrences of the phenomenon is becoming more and more obvious, and about forty percent of the primary and middle school students across the country have entered a myopia, this adumbrative now we face a great challenge: how to reduce the hunchback problem of primary and middle school students.

Male School Teacher And Kids In Class Smiling To Camera

In fact, the sitting posture of students is the most important cause of students’ hunchback and shortsightedness. Improving students’ humpback problem can effectively reduce the occurrence of students’ hunchback phenomenon. The fit of the student’s desk and chair is directly proportional to the number of times that the student’s hunchback occurs.

Besides providing a platform for students to read and write, the most important use of desks and chairs is to correct children’s sitting position and eliminate the appearance of poor sitting position. However, the current situation of many schools is that the students’ body is growing, but the desks and chairs do remain unchanged for ten years, which finally leads to the inconsistency between the height of the desks and chairs and the students’ body height.

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable set of lifting desks and chairs for students. The idea that a proper desk and chair can lower a student’s hunchback is not groundless.

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