Student Double Desk and Chair

The desktop of the double table and chair is made of MDF, and the corners of the table are sealed with environmentally friendly PVC. The main frame is made of high-strength seamless steel pipe, which can be used in school classrooms, meeting rooms and other application scenarios.

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A customizable school double table and chair set. It uses seamless steel pipes to form one piece. Different shapes of steel pipes can be customized. The thickness of the steel pipes used is farther than the average thickness of 1.0 steel pipes on the supermarket surface. It is more robust and reliable. The desktop panel is made of MDF. Using PVC for edge sealing is environmentally friendly, economical, durable, and not easily volatile methanol.



The table top is made of high-quality MDF. Compared with the traditional wood table top, it is harder and more resistant. PVC is used for edge sealing to prevent methanol volatilization, which is more environmentally friendly and protects the health of students.

Mdf+pvc Edge Banding

Large Capacity Drawer:

Large-size lockers can store more items to meet the needs of students of different ages.

Storage cabinets made of high-quality boards have better load-bearing capacity.

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Pen Slot Design:

The desktop is designed with a pen slot, which is convenient for students to store pencils, pens, ballpoint pens and other learning pens during the learning process.

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Iron Tube:

High-quality seamless steel has a wide range of applications, has the advantages of long service life, durable load-bearing capacity, and resistance to deformation and distortion.

Iron Tube 1

Power Coat


The material is environmentally friendly and non-volatile methanol can protect your physical and mental health and provide a good living and learning environment.


Color can be customized

Color Customized

Size can be customized

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