Office MDF Storage Shelf

This multi-layer shelf is made of MDF board as the shelf and a high-quality iron frame as the frame. It is suitable for many scenes such as home office mall, hotel, hotel, and restaurant.

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Product Detials:

The open storage shelf design provides an ideal platform for displaying decorations (such as photos, books, speaker plants, or storage boxes). The sturdy structure of the selected MDF and iron bracket ensures the overall sturdiness of this tall bookcase and has a good load-bearing capacity. The heavy metal frame has a metal support tube under each shelf to enhance the structure of the shelf unit. The shelf is simple and exquisite and can be placed anywhere in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, corridor, kitchen, or balcony. The surface of the wood board is covered with a melamine veneer, which is non-toxic and can reduce the release of formaldehyde. Wear-resistant materials have good anti-rust and anti-fouling properties, making the bookshelves easy to clean and maintain. This old-fashioned storage rack is of top quality and can be used for a long time.

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Super Sturdy Construction:

The sturdy structure of selected MDF and iron brackets ensure the overall sturdiness of this tall bookcase and have a good load-bearing capacity. The heavy metal frame with X-shaped frame backing and metal support tube under each shelf enhances the shelf unit Structure.


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Elegant & Open Design:

With burnished rustic brown MDF board and black metal style finish, the 5 tier Industrial bookshelf looks graceful and luxurious and adds a refined touch to any space. Open shelves design with clean line structure maximize the open space feel. The 5 tier Industrial bookshelf combines art elements with a utility function, make it a perfect decoration and storage space for your space. Rustic style makes it suitable for all your other furniture.

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Choose a High-Quality MDF Board:

Uniform structure, fine material, stable performance, impact resistance, smooth surface, fine material, stable performance, and firm edges.



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