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This tree-like design bookshelf is made of MDF and is suitable for offices, schools and other areas.

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40 * 28*165cm




Brown, Gray, White, Yellow



Product Detials:

The tree bookshelf can be well integrated into the style of home and office. It is not only a place to store books, but also an ornament that can make your house unique. At the same time, the geometric tree structure makes the bookshelf more stable. The tree bookshelf is designed to save as much space as possible. No complicated tools, no convoluted instructions, and no sweat are required to assemble this 9-shelf tree book rack! We have installed and tore down this piece many times to update our installation manual, which is why we are confident you will find it easy to install it. The bookshelf is made of high-quality MDF board. It is sturdy and durable. At the same time, the bookshelf is equipped with an anti-tipping device. You can connect the bookshelf to the wall to further increase the safety and stability of the bookshelf. Each shelf of the tree bookshelf can hold 5 books, and you can also place some decorations, magazines, CDs, etc.

Detail for Storage Shelf

Multifunctional Bookshelf:

Each shelf of the tree bookshelf can hold 5 books, and you can also place some decorations, magazines, CDs, etc. This keeps clutter out of your space and keeps your space tidy. The bookshelf is open, you can place the bookshelf where you can easily get things.

Detail for Storage Shelf

Detail for Storage Shelf

Save Space:

The bookshelf designed with a tree-like concept has an area of less than 1 square meter, which saves a lot of space in your home and office and improves space utilization.

Detail for Storage Shelf

Sturdy Industrial Bookshelf:

The Vintage Industrial Bookshelf is made of a heavy metal frame combined with a thick MDF board, which is absolutely sturdy, stable, and durable. With excellent metal brackets and thick panels, each panel of the bookcase can hold up to 130 pounds. +-shaped bracket on the back for stability and balance.

Detail for Storage Shelf

Multipurpose Bookshelf:

Bookshelf combines art elements with a utility function. The open shelf design provides an ideal platform for displaying decorations such as books, family photos, potted plants, utensils, and many other items. At the same time, the combination of brown oak hue and matte black iron frame creates an elegant.

Detail for Storage Shelf

Detail for Storage Shelf

Dimensions & Material:

The overall dimensions of the bookshelf are 40 * 28*165cmD. A distance of 13.78 inches between each shelf. Crafted of wrought metal in a matte black finish and high quality of MDF with wood grain PVC finish ensures years of use. Not solid wood.

Detail for Storage Shelf

Dimensions & Material:

Thanks to the concise structure with clear installation instructions, numbered parts, and illustrations, you will immediately be prepared to appreciate your new industrial bookshelf; the adjustable feet are stable even on uneven floors.





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